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New Parthenon Sketch

I had this one done at Chicago Wizard Con.  I love the style of this!


Ares God Of War Helmet

This is a helmet that James and I made for the charity auction Babes in Bonnets.

Ares Helmet Front Ares Helmet Side Ares Helmet 3/4 Angle

It ended up being auctioned off for $500.00 and has the highest bid of all the hats!

Fit To Be Tied

Hey everyone, so I started another Blog because I got so much positive feedback on these creative ties I have been making to wear to work. Check out my Creative Tie designs on my new Blog….Fit To Be Tied

Here is the logo, which was done by my friend Tim Warchocki.

Fit To Be Tied

Halloween is officialy over!

So I survived another Halloween! It is of course my favorite holiday but it is so exhausting!
This year I had 5 costumes, which included Edward ScissorHands, a gangster and my personal favorite a hamster!

Check out all of my costumes and the Cirque De Freake’ Party pictures at my Halloween site:

Can’t wait till next year! The tentative theme is the Monster Masquerade!


50Fifty Show

Every year my school puts on a fabulous art show where it is half student work and half faculty work.
I have submitted pieces every year for the last 3 years and I love my piece for this show.

It was called Starry Speck At Night. It gives the illusion that the dot on the white background is being magnified by the glass and you can see the Starry Night by Van Gogh.
What I really did was reverse paint on the back of the magnifying glass. However if you look at the dot on the background it does look a mini-version of it, but it is way to tiny to see anything.
I got the idea because I love the idea of doing tiny art, but I know that I would not be able to make it look decent. So I made the next best thing!

New Parthenon Sketch

I just added a sketch of Parthenon to the gallery.

It was made by Chayne, one of the creators of the Boy Meets Hero comic.  Check them out at  www.boymeetshero.com!

I love it!

Offical Launch

Hurray! I finally have my blog up and running. Take a few minutes to click around and look at all the pages. On my blog I intend to post projects that i am working on and events that I am doing as well.

Thanks for checking out WhatsDanDoing.com!