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PostHeaderIcon Handy Tie

This is the handiest tie ever!

Hand-y TieI made this tie, because I was wearing a normal tie one day and felt like it was choking me.  I immediately doodle a tie actually strangling someone and the Handy tie was born!

Hand-y Tie Closeup

I made this tie out of floor canvas, so it is very durable yet still flexible.  James helped me draw it out, which took a few times to get right.  Who knew drawing hands was so hard!

The weirdest part of making this tie was figuring out how to hold it in place.

I eventually used a magnet on the fingers section and a button clasp to hold it up and down.

I wore it with my weird mad scientist glasses which I felt completed the look quite nicely!

Hand-y Tie w/ Glasses

PostHeaderIcon Peek-A-Boo Tie

I was in a mood where I wanted to wear a funky tie, but I didn’t have any new ones done, so I figured I would wear a normal tie a little differently.

Peek-A-Boo Tie

So, I wove the tie in and out of my shirt and came up with a weird peek-a-boo effect.  I ended up really liking it!

Peek-A-Boo Tie Closeup

PostHeaderIcon Test Post

Trying to see if this will go from my blog to facebook.

Wrap-A-Round Tie

Update—I think it works!

PostHeaderIcon Stencil Tie

This Stencil tie has a funny beginning.  I cut out the stencil of a tie out of brown crafting paper because I was considering painting a tie onto a dress shirt.  I was holding up the stencil to judge the size of it in the mirror and I thought it looked cool by itself.  I mounted it on a clear acetate and cut 2 little slits in the sides so I could attach it to the collar buttons.  Overall I was really happy with the look!

Stencil Tie Stencil Tie

PostHeaderIcon Genie Bottle Tie

This tie is made of floor canvas, so it is pretty thick canvas.  I started with the basic outline and then had James paint it up for me. It is suppose to be the bottle from I Dream Of Jeannie.  The cork was suppose to represent the knot of the tie.

Genie Bottle Tie Genie Bottle Tie Genie Bottle Tie

PostHeaderIcon Notepad Tie

This tie was the brainchild of my friend Sara.  She came up with a few fun designs and this is just the first one to be made.

Notebook Tie

I started with a normal lined pad of notepaper and drew out my design on the first page.  I cut the whole pad at once on my ban saw. Unfortunately the glue wasn’t strong enough to hold it all together, so I reinforced it with some Goop Glue, I love that stuff.

Notebook Tie

Instead of doing the normal around the neck closure, I decided something more fun was in order.  So I used a big binder clip to hold it in place on my shirt.  The pen on the chain acts as a tie chain and helped to hold down all the pages.

Notebook Tie

When I wore this tie, people kept coming up to me and writing on my tie. When it got full, I just tore it off and had another blank canvas!  It was great!

PostHeaderIcon Wearing Of The Green

It’s St. Patrick’s Day!  Time for a shamrock shake from McDonald’s and making sure you wear something green.  The tie is kind of a knitted tie, it reminds of like a potholder or something.

St Patrick's Day

PostHeaderIcon Scottish Scotch Tape Tie

I found this plaid tie at the thrift store and it reminded me of the packaging for scotch brand tape.  So, I add huge pieces of tape to the front which gave it a weird shiny look. Then, I had to dub it my Scottish Scotch Tape Tie.

Scottish Scotch Tape Tie Scottish Scotch Tape Tie Close Up

PostHeaderIcon Steampunkish Ascot Tie

I really wanted to make an ascot of some sort, because I always think it looks very steampunkish.  If you don’t know what that is, it is retro futuristic.  Think Jules Verne’s vision of the future.  Take a look at this site, for other examples Brass Googles.

Ascot Sepia

I took a normal tie and cut out the seam that holds it together.  I also took out the lining of the tie as well.  Then I just ironed it out all flat and it looked like a HUGE normal tie (gave me a good idea for later).  I tied it around my neck like a normal tie, paired it with a cool vest and WaLa, a funky ascot tie!

Ascot Tie

PostHeaderIcon Out of this World Metal Tie

I had the opportunity to host the Out of the World Fashion Show at the Orlando History Center.  They asked me to not wear my super-suit, so I had to come up with an outfit that fit the occasion.

This is what I came up with.

Metal Chain-mail Tie

I made a metal/chain-mail kind of tie.  It was extremely shiny and heavy!  The base was a zipper tie, so all I had to do was cover the main tie with the metal material.

This is a picture with the winners of the show and the boys from Project Runway.

Metal Chain-mail Tie Out of this World Fashion Show

Mary Beth and I at the after-party.

Metal Chain-mail Tie

This is a close-up of the material the tie was made of.

Metal Chain-mail Tie

This tie started its life as a metal purse that I found at Goodwill.  I salvaged the metal material from the sides of the purse and knitted them back together into one long piece that I could use to cover the tie.

Metal Purse